About me
I'm Reshi <3, I'm 28 years old, Argentina. I'm studying Computer & System Engineering, and working as a web developer.
I've discovered the Fanlistings world at 2004, the first time I've ever joined a fanlisting, by 2005 I started my owns.
I like a lot of thinks, but I'm crazy about: Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Beatles, Glee, Norse Mythology, Norway, Rhapsody and Jorn Lande
About the site
Why Raibow curls?
This is a simple question :P, I really love Rainbows, the colors, the real rainbows, the "fake" rainbows - I mean, the drawings about rainbows :P, and of course the band Rainbow and the Animation serie, Rainbow Brite :P
I have curly hair, and I really wanted to have rainbow curls :P but, I've never done this :P

By Rhapsody_Girl - Rainbow Curls